“Is it really possible to quit porn permanently in 60 days or less…

...even if you you've failed many times before and have given up all hope?

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Read this if you’re struggling to quit porn

Here in this short article, you’ll see how any man can finally:Quit porn forever and start to live an amazing life in 60 days or less.No matter how many times he has tried to quit porn before.Or if he feels hopeless and thinks he can't.It’s something that can be explained with an almond...(You’ll understand why in just a moment).Read this quick essay until the end so you don’t miss all the insights.And don't worry, I get it, I know the internet is full of crazy promises and BS.I’ve been in your position, and I know how it feels.My name is Devin McDermott.And I invented a bulletproof system that makes any man kick porn out of his life, forever.(Just take a look at these screenshots).

A. J., age 28, military

M.P., age 49, businessman

N. H., age 34, accountant

But I have to confess something:Before helping dozens of men break free from porn.I was hooked.See, I suffered from a chronic case of porn dependency.And ticked all the boxes of extreme porn addiction.

Maybe you can relate to some of these situations too

Living with a constant mental fog with low energy and no purpose.

Wanting to get home and be alone to watch porn.

Not being able to work or study without first watching porn (for at least a few minutes).

Refreshing porn websites several times a day to check for updates.

Preferring to stay alone all day (and night) watching porn rather than socializing.

Not being able to get a boner without thinking about porn.

Suffering from the kind of sexual dysfunctions that only a very old man would suffer (when I was just a teenager).

Feeling the urge to watch porn while I was at work or taking a walk.

Feeling incredible shame and guilt - as if I had committed some crime.

Hitting rock bottom and saying: “it's over: I won't look at that BS anymore...” only to relapse a few hours later.

Trying all the methods from forums, videos, and books all across the internet without any success (spoiler: most people's advice doesn't work).

Lying to accountability partners and support groups.

Denying that I had an addiction.

Of course, there are more things.But among all the stuff I did…Do you know which were the most dangerous?I made three major mistakes.

3 dangerous mistakes that keep you hooked on porn

The worst part?I’ve seen most men making them too.Discover those dangerous mistakes here, so you can avoid them ASAP:

Dangerous Mistake #1

Thinking this habit isn’t a big deal

“I watch porn and I’m successful”

“Watching a little porn isn’t a big deal”.

❌ “Porn isn’t an addiction”

“Everyone watches porn"

“I can leave it anytime”

Sound familiar?I listen to things like that all the time.And I said them too when I was hooked and wanted to comfort myself.Denial is common in all addictions.The crazy part?Over the last few years, the number of men soothing themselves with that BS is skyrocketing as more information about porn comes to light.Despite so much evidence about porn’s damaging effects…Many men are stuck in denial.But we can’t blame them.The porn industry pays scientists and media trying to normalize the problem.They want you hooked. That’s their business.Because, even when porn is mostly “free”, this means you’re the product.They make money off of you.You’re paying with your attention, with your focus.And ultimately…With your life.So get it through your head that porn is an addiction.A tough one.And on top of that, unlike other addictions…Porn addicts feel more judged, and it’s hard for them to talk about it in public.That’s why any man who seeks a solution has my respect.But millions are suffering in silence.Most of them think they are destined to relapse over and over.And this brings us to the second mistake.

Dangerous Mistake #2

Believing you are doomed to relapse

Some men are obsessed with porn.Some are obsessed with quitting it.They start full of hope and then, after some relapses…They are full of stress and anxiety.I know it can be frustrating.For years I could only keep myself free from porn for a few days... only to relapse again.I was trapped in a miserable loop:Free from porn – relapse – back to square one.And the stress, frustration, and hopelessness I felt was extremely demotivating.That's why some think there's no point in even trying to quit.They believe they can’t. They've given up.But the thing is, even when you've failed.It’s completely possible to quit following the proper system.- Nobody was born a porn addict
- Negative past outcomes don't determine future results
For some, this may be difficult to recognize.But anyone could understand it easily by discovering the next mistake.The most dangerous of all.

Dangerous Mistake #3

Judging and blaming yourself
without mercy

This is the deadliest mistake.The reason is simple.It feeds the habit.When you judge and blame yourself…You feel depressed and anxious.Depression and anxiety make you want to escape.And do you know where most porn addicts find escapism?Exactly - porn.So, if you want to break free from porn.One of the crucial points is to start to forgive yourself.It may sound like a sugar-coated self-help thing.But it’s critical to forgive yourself.There are many reasons.The most important?When you’ve been trying to figure this out without help…And you haven’t had a PROVEN plan.You really can’t blame yourself.It's not your fault if you have a relapse or feel urges.And if you want to know who or what is the real culprit, pay attention.

This is why you’ve relapsed

As you may know, porn hijacks your brain.Porn specifically takes over a part of your brain known as:The central amygdala.It's quite similar to an almond.But don’t let its harmless appearance fool you.That little almond runs all your emotional responses and is wild.That’s why scientists call it: “the lizard brain”.

Imagine it as Venom, that dark "liquid-like" villain we saw in Spider-Man.Well, that almond-shaped part of your brain…

  • Is what makes you respond to dangerous situations

  • It’s what made Mike Tyson bite Evander Holyfield's ear

  • And it's what gets you hooked on porn, relapsing over and over

It makes your rational brain turn off.And while your amygdala (the emotional brain) is in charge:Your rational brain is a hostage handcuffed in the passenger seat.That’s why even when, at a logical level, you want to quit porn…You can’t.Remember:

You’re the hostage

You're stuck in that dark, slimy Venom suit, and he's in control.That's why, later on, when your rational brain takes over again, it feels bad.That’s why regret and shame are so powerful.Basically, you’re doing things you rationally know are bad.Now the point is, even when you feel shame and regret.Your logical brain has developed what psychologists call Stockholm syndrome.It’s when the hostage develops a strong bond with the hijacker.It means your rational brain (the victim) has a peculiar sympathy for the hijacker (their aggressor).AKA your rational self rationalizes your emotional self’s actions.That’s what makes you relapse.

And that's why it has been so hard for you to quit porn

That's the reason porn addicts have failed with every attempt to quit porn.That’s why they live in a painful and frustrating endless loop of no-porn - relapse.This happens because all the solutions you find out there work on only one element of the equation.They work only on the emotional side of the brain or only on the logical side.They don't work with the kidnapped part and the hijacker at the same time.And that’s a mistake.The people sharing that kind of advice think “the job is done” when the hostage has “escaped”.But they forget that:

  • The hostage (rational brain) has formed strong bonds with the hijacker (emotional brain)

  • The hijacker is free and can attack again

  • They are always pretty close

That explains why those solutions you’ve tried before only give you short-term effects.Do you wonder why most coaches and books promise you'll quit porn in 30 days?That’s the reason.They know they can give you short-term results, but after some time with those methods, you’ll relapse.If you don't address the emotional part of your brain effectively, then you're just waiting for the right cocktail of negative feelings to completely derail you.So, how do you really solve the problem once and for all?

Here’s how to break the endless relapse loop, forever

Look, while all the forums and therapists rely on pure willpower…What I do is different.I developed, by pure necessity, a step-by-step process:The Permanent Shift System.And no, it's not like anything you've ever seen before.First, it's not a 12-step treatment, nor a 30-day program, none of that.It’s a 60-day system that actually works.Second, with the Permanent Shift, there’s no turning back.We heal the emotional and the rational brain, at the same time.And not only do we restore them to the state they were before porn...We make them immune to it.That way, you will never need or want anything to do with porn, ever again.Yeah, no more relapse, no more urges.Just a great life, 100% free of destructive addictions.


The only proven quit porn system that allows you to:Finally and permanently quit porn and achieve a personal transformation…So you can start living the life you've always wanted in 60 days or less.Yes, it’s a personalized reprogramming process.Which means I’ll be with you along the way.I’ll work directly with you to create a permanent change in your life.Think of me as your personal trainer.As you know, even the best athletes in the world have a coach.LeBron James, Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo.Every single goat has a trainer, and there's a reason for that.When you need fast, reliable, and accurate results…You have to work 1-on-1 with an expert.We’ll work in weekly sessions.And you’ll get unlimited direct access to me (more on that in a bit).

Six Pillars to create a permanent change and build an excellent life,
in the next 60 days

This is what you get

Become a porn-free man in 60 days or less

Willpower? We don’t need it - We use this instead

Listen, while other methods rely on pure willpower, trackers, blockers...And make you waste a huge amount of time and energy on useless things.We go deeper without expending willpower.Take for example the fourth pillar of the Permanent Shift System:Brain Retraining.It’s about rewiring your emotional brain (the little almond that keeps you hooked).The thing is, the emotional brain doesn’t understand your words.Remember, it’s a lizard.You can scream to your emotional brain all day long:“Hey, dude, let’s quit this porn thing”.But he simply doesn’t know what you’re saying and frankly doesn’t care.Have you tried to negotiate with a wild lizard or a primitive animal?So instead of repeating mantras and phrases…We use some special commands.Those commands work on the emotional brain like video game cheat codes.This gives you access to features you didn't even know existed.And you are back in control of the situation.With those commands, it's way too easy to stop your urges.And you'll wonder why you haven't tried this system before.(Simple, no one else knows those commands).

“All good, but how do we start?

Getting started with this system is very easy.But first, you need to know two important things.

1. I only accept 4 men each month

The reason is simple:You receive personalized attention and unlimited access to me (via text).This means I can only attend to a limited number of clients at the same time.It’s in your best interest.That is why I guarantee you a unique and first-class experience (like you won't find anywhere else).And that’s why my system gets solid and permanent results.

2. Before getting started, we'll have a free 30-minute consulting session.

This means on this page there’s no such thing as a payment button.Of course, the full 60-days program isn’t free.But that first session is.No, it’s not a “sales call” in disguise.During that session, we’ll talk about:

  • Your goals

  • Your actual situation

  • Helpful insights

But keep in mind that it’s my way to select the people I'll help.Why?We will work together for 60 days.To guarantee the best results, it’s best to know if we're a good fit.Remember: this is a free zero-risk, zero pressure call.

These men quit porn permanently using my system, and here's what they say

D.N., age 37, high-level software engineer

M. P., age 32, data analytics

L.M., age 23, sales

J. H., age 31, mechanical engineer

E. B., age 34, software engineer

A. J., age 28, military & entrepreneur

M. W., age 32, online business owner

A. S., age 49, trader

J. S., age 27, online business owner

N. H., age 34, accountant

F.K., age 27, agency owner

You only need a proven system

That’s what it takes to quit porn forever.Just one proven system. You don’t have to waste time on any internet forum. Or listening to a "specialist" who knows nothing about porn addiction. Or following advice from people who are trapped in porn too.This is a common, well-intended but dangerous trap.It’s like a group of blindfolded guys guiding each other in the dark.Do you see how something doesn’t fit?But with a reliable system, there are no doubts.If there’s a section of the path that’s a little dark, I’ll guide you by the hand.That way, you always know where the next step is.If you feel an urge or a little anxiety or anything, we’ll vanish them together.(Remember, you get unlimited access to me via text).No, with my system you never rely on your willpower.This is a proven solution, not a medieval torture method.So, it doesn’t matter how little willpower you think you have.

This is what happens when you enroll

First, you get immediate access to the Permanent Shift System material

That way, you start advancing even before our first call.We’re talking about a set of frameworks that will give you instant effects.A few minutes after you start implementing them, you’ll start to feel different.You'll start to feel stronger, more decided, and you’ll be calmer.Like you haven't felt in years.You'll think, "how is Devin doing this?".And keep in mind it’s just the beginning.Additionally, from the first moment, you'll have unlimited access to me via text.You’ll always be in good company.

Then we'll have our kick-off call within a couple of days

On the first call, we give you an overview.We’ll implement strategies to stop your porn use dead in it's tracks.Men who had lost all hope tell me that in that call they regain confidence.They feel motivated and start regaining control.

By the time we get on the second call...

You'll be a different man, noticing a clear difference from how you felt two weeks ago.Why?Because your brain will be starting to heal from the damage porn caused to it.You'll find that you're feeling more drive to do what you couldn't before, even with all your willpower.And you’ll feel better about the direction you're heading in.The reason?It's the framework producing deeper effects.Your life will be geuinely improving.

By the time of our third call...

We'll have already made significant progress retraining the addicted part of your brain.Guilty feelings will have vanished.You'll feel more pure and confident with nothing to hide.If you have a wife or girlfriend she will notice the change in you.In your mood, in your behavior.In your performance.If you don't have a girlfriend, you’ll feel confident with girls who will also notice a change in you for the better.From the third call, we start with super individualized techniques.That way, our focus is custom-tailored to your specific needs.And we begin to build the foundations of your new life.

Quitting porn isn’t just about quitting porn

This point is crucial.And it makes The Permanent Shift System so different from all the things you’ve tried before.You may have noticed this:Do you know what they talk about in all the quitting porn support groups?Yes, they only talk about quitting porn.And do you know what their success rate is like?Exactly, it's absurdly low.And a lot of people giving advice are still hooked on it...Do you see the pattern?The truth is, quitting porn isn’t just about quitting porn.It’s about building a life that you don’t want to escape from anymore.Because that’s what porn is, an escape from negative emotions.But here it's not just about starting new hobbies and trying new things.(They’ve said that to you a lot of times, and you’re still trapped).Instead, I’ll help you to achieve great things and build an amazing life.What great things and what great life?Depends on what you want.Do you want a girlfriend?Or do you want to improve your current relationship?Maybe you want to have a profitable business?Or transform your body.Literally, anything you want to achieve.Of course, we start to make up for the time you've lost (yes, porn steals time).And building a life so fantastic that when you look back a year from now...You can't recognize your past self.You'll say, “Was that me?”And no, that was the version of you that was hooked on porn.

N. H., a year after quitting porn using my system

This isn't for you if you:

❌ Are lazy❌ Don't value your time highly❌ Aren't ready to commit to quitting❌ Don't have a job or operate a business❌ Won't apply good advice when it's given to you❌ Expect a free ride, or a cheap service (sorry, expert guidance is the fastest and best route, but not the cheapest one.)❌ Haven't actually accomplished anything in life yet❌ Don't think that investing in an excellent, porn-free life is worth itIf this sounds like you, it's okay, but working 1-on-1 with me won't be a great fit.

This is for you if you:

✅ Are highly ambitious✅ Have tried to quit before and failed✅ Care about your growth and have been working on yourself for years✅ Are ready to finally stop and want to take the fastest, most effective route to quitting porn✅ You've been relying on willpower instead of a proven, repeatable, step-by-step plan✅ You value your time highly and don't want to risk spending uncounted years struggling with more relapses, shame, and lost potential✅ You've tried all the "conventional" quit-porn advice and it hasn't worked (hint: most people's advice is garbage)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I finally quit porn forever with your system?

Yes, and the reason is simple:While 99.9% of the solutions out there make you invest all your energy into willpower-based things that make you feel like you're in a torture chamber.What we do here with the Permanent Shift System is different and effortless.We go directly to the root of the problem.We fix the issues in the emotional and the rational brain.Willpower is not needed.The Brain Retraining codes will do the work.

I have an extreme case of porn addiction and I think I can’t quit it; can you help me?

Absolutely.I was an extreme case of porn addiction myself.My system helped me kick my obsession and transform my life in every way.And I’ve used the same system to help dozens of men. (Even extreme cases).The Permanent Shift System works no matter what.No matter what you think.No matter what you believe.No matter if you never had a girlfriend.No matter how many years or decades you've been addicted to porn.

No matter how little time you’ve throughout the day.No matter if you're busy and stressed with your job and responsibilities.No matter how many failed attempts of quitting porn you’ve had before.And no matter if you are tired and frustrated and feel hopeless.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, in fact, I personally give you three guarantees:1. If you enroll in this program and follow it (like dozens of men with extreme porn addiction have done before) you’ll quit porn.2. If at any point in the future, you relapse, then you can schedule a free call with me where we’ll spend as long as we need to get to the root of the problem.We’ll examine what happened and make a strategy to ensure it won’t happen again.3. You’ll get much more than what you pay in return.And that’s what my clients have said (just look at this screenshot below):

Why do they say things like that?Because this isn’t only another “quit porn program”.In addition to freeing you completely from porn…You’ll start to live a life of excellence.On your own terms.Quite frankly, can you put a price tag on your goals and dreams?We’re talking about all the time and the life you’ve lost.And all the opportunities you have missed by being hooked on porn.That said, we can't go back in time…But when you start to live your new life (a great life that you didn't think was possible)…You won't want to turn back time.The only thing you will want is to have gone through my system sooner.

Devin, that sounds great, but what if this doesn’t work for me?

Do you really want to quit porn once for all?Well, this system works for all men who want to quit porn.That’s a fact.If you really want to quit, you'll put in the small amount of effort necessary to make the system work.If you want to know if there’s something like a refund policy…Well, let me tell you.You won’t need it.And if you want to know what we’re going to do to help you with your specific case, contact me via Twitter @devinmcdermot

Will this work for escorts too?

Yes, The Permanent Shift System works for escort addiction too.

I'm super busy, how much time will I need for this?

All you’ll need is about 2 hours each week.You choose the time and the date of the sessions.The Permanent Shift System techniques take almost no time.So it doesn't matter how busy you are.

One last thing

“Devin, I’ve read all you said and it’s fine, but I think I’m not good enough to get those results…I mean…Can I really quit porn in 60-days or less?”

Well, after helping dozens of men break free from porn.(Many of whom had extreme addictions BTW).I’m confident to say: yes, you can quit porn in 60-days or less.The beauty of my system is you don't even need to believe you can.All you need is to want to quit porn once for all.And the fact that right now you’re here reading this means that you want it.See:After working with dozens of men...Of different ages.With different degrees of porn addiction.Some single.Some with wives or girlfriends.I’ve learned one thing.There are only two types of men:1. Those who dare to try2. Those who don't

Guess what?Those men who try, always succeed.Those men who try are the ones who quit porn forever.It doesn't matter if they didn't feel capable at first.They tried, and that's why they succeeded.And those who don't try?...Well, they’re still hooked, fooling themselves with "solutions" that they know don't work...(Forums, subreddits, and quit-porn communities are full of men like that...Have you noticed how all the content is "sh*t I relapsed"?).Well, let me tell you one thing.At first, I thought I couldn't.I thought I was doomed to live a sad, depraved life of perversion.But I tried and I did it, no matter how long it took.Keep in mind that I was a chronic case, and I didn't have good guidance to take a shortcut like this that could have saved me years...Yes, if I was able to quit porn forever and build an amazing life, so can you... especially with this shortcut.All you need is to try.If you're ready to try, click the button below.This call is a unique and risk-free opportunity and spots are limited.

All you need to quit porn forever awaits behind this button

All you need to do is make a small, risk-free decision.Your new life begins by clicking the button below.You are just one click away from breaking free from porn, forever.Remember, there are only two types of men, those who try and those who don't.Which one are you?

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